How to win a 2048 at 2048 puzzle game

Recently, game of 2048 is all the rage. Addict also seems to be one after another, their also or was one that. I think voice will not make the 2048 quite so large, would like to introduce how to make 2048 today. I found a way able to produce 2048 high probability, please try to capture all means everyone.


The point of this game, because the movement becomes impossible to take the rest of the mass is low and a large number can come, it is important at making less as large as possible number.

Given easily, you need 1024 has two to make the 2048. So, it can be 1024 if two 512 and one to make 1024.

In other words, to make 2048, 4 and 8 16 and 32 64 128 256 512 1024 is one by one, 2 is good if two.

Arranged to aim to make 2048

Aims to make the 2048 is such an arrangement. 8 is turned two in this case, but is 1024.512. is good if in sequential order.


There are things to be aware of. When preparing two 8 and one each of the 1024.512., there are only seven of the remaining mass. So, I have to only need to worry about only one not to make a big number.

Han to make this arrangement?

Make a 256 and a 512 at the first

In order to make the 1024, you can create a 256 and 512. This can easily unexpectedly.

You will continue to move mechanically as arrows left down right down left down simply. Numbers such as 256 128 such as 64, so line up close once in a while, You’ll do flush against at that time. You will continue to left down right down left down… also, and. I think luck is if there is no bad, that we will be 256 and 512 in a few minutes.

As below.


Make a 1024

The case of the arrangement of the above, to make the 1024, it is good if you make a 128 on it and the bottom right-hand corner of. You can 256 if I match under 128 two. You can 1024 if combined 512 and 512 both All you have to do is make a 512 by combining the 256 of the left and 256 by moving to the right, it was, by moving further to the right, it was.


A 1024 will be placed in the corner as much as possible. Since it impossible to use one square Failure to do so, it becomes hard to move.


If you make a 1024, you can create a 512 next to it. You take care not to move from the corner 1024. To do so, I will ensure that you have always filled the 4 squares at the bottom.


If you leave the fixed one line below, you can move to the left and right three lines on remains fixed at the right end 1024. Same number becomes next to each other on stage at the bottom occasionally, by moving to the right always and when they are, they care 1024 to prevent displacement from the corner.

Then the left will open, without moving to the left in any way at that time, the left end of the bottom row will be so filled by moving only to the right or below. If you no longer Ugokase only on the left or to not being filled by all means, move to the left praying that the number does not appear on the right side of 1024. Let’s located on the corner 1024 by moving to the right number, and also you do not show up on the right side of 1024.

Make 512 to the left of 1024

When you made a 1024, create a 512 (left side in this case) next. In the bottom row, 1024 is always positioned at the right end, the numbers will be in the line up to the left in descending order from the right.

To make a 512 on the left side of the 1024, 256 and lets the left side of 1024. To be able to 256, you can create a 128 there. 64 Because I can in this case, I make a 64 on the stage of 64. It then to 128 in conjunction with 64 of the bottom row 64 if possible.

In the image below, it is the state where the game has progressed a little. I am able to 256 on the left side of 1024. Let’s make a 256 on top of the 256 in this state.


Wo will aim such an arrangement of the image below. You can 256 on top of the 1024 in this case, but if you put a number on top of another 1024 so as to be shifted to the left, you can combine the 256 below.


In the same way, make a 64 on top of the 64. Because there is a 32 to the left of 64 in this case, You will continue to make a 16 to the right, 32 on the 64.


In the same way, change a 128 to a 256, and change a 32 of left side to 128.


Next aim is to line up with the or the line of the second line from the bottom, line up with the vice versa. If arranged so, 2048 will be completed if I have 8 on top of the 8.


You win!



If you choose the ‘Keep going’, you may want to challenge the 4096 addition.

A 4096 is created!


A 8192 created!


I tried more, but faild to get 16384.



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